HANA is a Japanese language school that especially give you a private lesson .
You can choose the place and  the time to learn.
Why donft you come and take the Japanese lesson,
you can easy to understand and have a lot of fun !

@@@@If you want to

Study@from the beginning ; you can study fromuaEiEuEeEov
Learn how to read and write; you can give` ‚‹anjif a try.
Have a group lesson * ; you can be happy!
Study for a test; you can give JLPT or EJU a try. 
Study for a test; you can give JLPT or EJU a try. @@@@@@cetc.@
 @@@@@@@@cWe would like to draw up the curriculum to fit each student. 
Please consult with HANA. An estimate is no charge.
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@*a group lesson is made from 3 persons.

yThe example of a beginners' class curriculumz
 beginners' class‡T Reading and writing in hiragana and katakana.
An easy greeting can be performed.
 Equal to that of
‚T‚”‚ˆ grade of JLPT
beginners' class‡U Reading and writing in easy kanji.
Talk about personal appearance.
beginners' class‡V Reading and writing of a somewhat complicated kanji.
Cmmunicate with a surrounding person.
Equal to that of
‚S‚”‚ˆ grade of JLPT
beginners' class‡W Reading and writing of a complicated@kanji.
Tell and hear what you want to say. 

yThe lesson hallz

A lecturer comes to your convenient place.
‚v‚… give a private lesson

at your@‚ˆ‚‚‚…
at your@office
@@@@@cetc. Please consult with HANA.

Private lesson  40min~‚Qclass/day  ‚Pday
10,000yen/month 12times
 Group@lesson 90min~‚Pclass/day  8,000yen/month 
¦Traveling expenses cost about 2,000 yen from 1,000 yen independently.
¦Text cost is about 5,000 yen from 3,000 yen.

¦Since we will estimate according to an individual curriculum, please consul‚” with us.

yWhy not try a free trial lessonz

How do you like Hanafs lesson?

Why not try a trial class!

A lecturer comes to your home or office,

teaches you Japanese language about 30min.

Please call us if you wish to take a free trial class.

We are now open for new students!

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@¦Traveling expenses cost about 1000 yen from 500 yen independently.

yReference & Applicationz


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